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First I want to welcome you all to  this website and thank you for visiting us. I guess I should start off by telling you a little bit about me and the inspiration behind this website  or what I like to call this project.

My name is Brandon Fisher and 27 years old and I live in the great state of Pennsylvania. I was born with this disorder called cerebral palsy  until most recently it was  something I felt was a burden in my life, and  something that I have to deal with for the rest of my life. But one day it just occurred to me  after countless of people that are my friends ask me," Brandon why is it that you walk the way that you do?"

Then the common response before I can even get a word in edgewise,  the question, is it Multiple Sclerosis   or Muscular Dystrophy? This got me thinking, these are my friends asking me.  It's not that they are trying to be rude it's just that they're curious to know more about what Cerebral Palsy is and how it affects one's body.

So I was sitting back thinking.  What can I do to get the word out about what Cerebral Palsy is and the different types of this disorder. So people have a better understanding of what it is and how it affects an individual with the disorder.

So naturally I came home and fired up the computer to see exactly what information was published on the Internet about this disorder. And I must say there is a plethora of information about CP. There is a lot of information out  about effects, treatments, and such. One thing I did notice  all this great information that is published on the Internet, but you have to go from place to place to get the entire picture. That made me very frustrated. This has inspired me to do something.  My plan for this website is to centralize information found on the Internet about C.P. and put it  all on one website. So if you choose not to go to any other website other than here you don't feel like you have to. I hope you find this website to be unique and unlike any other . I hope you find it very inspirational and informative all at the same time.


Brandon Fisher

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