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Cerebral Palsy and Adult Issues

Whether you are an adult with cerebral palsy, or an adult in care of someone with cerebral palsy, there are certain issues that you must know about, but that a child may not understand. While they will absolutely affect them, such issues such as employment, estate planning and life insurance, vocational rehab and certain legal rights are not ones that most children understand, and often they don’t need to until later on in life. This section covers these important issues that affect the adults that are in some way affected by cerebral palsy.

If you yourself are an adult with cerebral palsy, then you may be thinking about: how to get a job (if you don’t have one already); or how to take advantage of vocational rehab services offered in you state to help you lead a more independent life; or how adequate your health insurance will be to cover the necessary costs of your care; or if the letter of medical necessity your physician wrote contains the needed information to be reimbursed by your insurance company; or how, specifically, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Developmentally Disabled Assistance and Bill of Rights Act, the Americans with disabilities Act, and The Individuals with Disabilities Act affect you.

If you are an adult who is in charge of the care of a child with cerebral palsy, you will find needed information for the successful care of your child, such as information on estate planning and life insurance to be sure your child’s future is secure, as well as the legal rights set forth by the aforementioned legislation. As a parent or caretaker of a child with cerebral palsy, you will also need to know about health insurance and letters of medical necessity, as these issues will directly affect your child’s care and your family’s financial situation. All of this information, whether for a parent of a cerebral palsied adult, can be found within this section, covering Adult Issues and Cerebral Palsy.


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