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Cerebral Palsy & Aging

Cerebral palsy and aging will make considerable changes to the body as well as the mind of a person. The efficiency will get reduced which will affect the daily cerebral palsy activities and the disabilities may worsen than it was in the younger age.

The thinking and pre-planning ability of the mind will also get exhausted due to the cerebral palsy and aging. Little information is available about the aging, age related abnormalities, the existence of a permanent disability impact, and the functional ability of persons with cerebral palsy.

Researches are carried out to discover the process of age in the mind and the body of the cerebral palsy affected people. Many respondents have shown the special effects of getting older and it was found that various extra losses occurred to the disabled person due to the aging.

Some may lose the ability to do the daily routines, some may lose the ability to read or may lose the complete vision abilities, some may become disabled to walk, and some may fall permanently on the bed.

Some patients have informed that their mind wants to do the things faster as possible but the body would not follow the instructions of the mind. This is also found to be the effect of cerebral palsy and aging.

In addition to the losses, the researchers have identified many physical complications to the affected patients due to the cerebral palsy and aging. Some patients are found to have bowel problems, digestion disorders, arthritic and other pains.

Which ruin the health of the person very seriously. Many others have reported that they are suffering due the inflexible muscles, joints and limbs, which could get worsen if they are bedridden permanently.

The cerebral palsy and aging influences the individuals in different ways and it is difficult to determine the effect of age. While the people with cerebral palsy are measured to have a normal life, the physical challenges of the patients may depend upon the age.

The cerebral palsy may cause increased spasticity, fatigue, loss of strength and declining mobility, which will lead to the increased stress and anxiety. Studies have found that cerebral palsy and aging may result in losing many capabilities that were achieved in the childhood.

As per the opinion of the researchers, these disabilities occur due to the increased weight, lack of therapy, and exercise, which may happen due to other conditions like arthritis. The person is bound to do the regular exercises and have proper nutrition for maintaining the physical and mental health.

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